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Graduation Requirements

Two Rivers students need a combination of coursework, competencies, a high school and beyond plan, and a completed graduation pathway in order to graduate. 


9th and 10th grade students need to meet our 100 and 200 level competencies to move on to 11th grade status.  11th and 12 grade students need to meet our 300 and 400 level competencies in order to graduate. Please see our competencies page for more information.


9th and 10th grade students need to take and pass four courses each year.  We require English and math to be taken at Two Rivers unless there are special circumstances.  The other two courses each year may either be taken at Two Rivers or at Mount Si.  11th and 12th grade students will have personalized coursework plans dependent on their graduation pathway.

Graduation Pathways:

All Two Rivers students must complete a state-mandated graduation pathway.  Options include:

  1. Passing the Smarter Balanced Assessment in English and Math.
  2. Meeting a passing score on other standardized tests including the SAT, ACT and ASVAB.
  3. Taking and passing a series of 2 years of coordinated career and technical education courses related to the student’s high school and beyond plan.
  4. Taking and passing a specialized course like “Bridge to College” for English and/or math
  5. Taking and getting a minimum grade or test score in a related AP course.
  6. Taking and passing a related college credit bearing class.

High School and Beyond Plan:

Students will work with their advisor and counselor over all four years of high school to have a completed High School and Beyond Plan.