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What Does a School Week Look Like

A school week at Two Rivers looks very different from a school week at a traditional high school.  We follow Mount Si High School's bell schedule for our four morning classes so that students can have access to electives at Mount Si.  A "typical" morning schedule might look something like this: first period Two Rivers algebra, second period MSHS Spanish, third period Two Rivers science, fourth period Two Rivers English.  Students may choose to take up to two Mount Si classes during the first through fourth period, Two Rivers requires students to take math and English with us and we have the option for students to take social studies and science with us too. 

During fifth through seventh periods at Mount Si, we have an advisory block.  This is when students do internships, advisory activities, personal projects, interest clubs and school-wide community service projects.  Currently, our schedule for this block looks like this: Monday - internships, Tuesday - advisory and interest clubs, Wednesday - internships, Thursday - first through fourth period blocks with advisory time in the morning, Friday - advisory only with community service projects, grade-level advisory and interest clubs.